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"Cat & Canary provides an experience unlike anything I have ever seen. From the initial heist planning until the climactic scene, the actors never broke character!

I got to shoplift, pickpocket, and lie my way in and out of situations and it was a blast! It felt exciting and immersive yet comfortable thanks to the work of the actors!  The pricing felt just right for the adventure. It left me with an experience I'll never forget."

- Chris Waters - Owner, Constructed Adventures

"The Confidence Game...was unlike anything I’ve ever done before, sort of a blend of an escape room and live immersive theater. You’re expected to negotiate, pickpocket and straight up lie your way through the story, interacting with talented actors who will make you remember why you aren’t a criminal in real life.

If you can convince your work team to do something like this, or want to plan an epic surprise party… keep them in mind!"

-  Kristina Horner -

"The Confidence Game...lets you and three friends turn into conmen for the night. You meet up with contacts in bars, break into hotel rooms, steal diamonds, and sell them to diamond dealers. It is extremely realistic and there are a few fun surprises throughout the night.


You’ll go around your city, interacting with amazing actors, and doing things you’ve only seen in movies. I would absolutely recommend you do this.

- Tara Theoharis

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