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BOTTOMLESS is the chronicle of a true-crime mystery that has haunted the Pacific Northwest for decades.

Become immersed in the real-life stories of a depraved serial killer. A brutal crime of passion. A tragic accident. A haunting legend. And the small-town detective trying to get to the bottom of it all.

Bottomless comes in the form of three packages, delivered to the your door. Each bespoke package elaborates on the mystery with relics, clues, and evidence — all of which are yours to keep.

The mystery doesn’t end there, though. Each package leads the investigators online, where you’ll uncover further clues and evidence. Internet access is required.

We encourage you to document your investigation with social media posts, video testimonials, and reviews. However, please keep your posts spoiler-free. Future investigators thank you.

Twitter: #Bottomless Instagram: @catandcanaryco


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